Lush Lady Wellness
Empowering Queen-Sized Women to Thrive
Lush Lady Wellness
Empowering Queen-Sized Women to Thrive

You are fed up with diets and emotional eating.

You want to be confident and satisfied in your body.

You deserve to feel juicy and adventurous.

What keeps you from success?

You know there is a way to make it happen, but how?

You need support.

If you are a woman who can relate and wants to finally face these challenges and move forward, you are the exact person I want to work with. My specialty is helping women just like you make the empowering shift from despair and doubt to fully owning your life and loving your body.

Are you ready for a body you love?

Together we will explore innovative techniques that allow you to listen directly to your body's cues. This style of Intuitive Eating encourages other simple lifestyle changes that promote vitality on every level. I will support you on each step of the journey.

  • "Amber's enthusiasm for wholesome, nourishing, real food is contagious and her creativity seems endless."
  • "This is the first time that I have seen almost immediate results that have stabilized my blood sugar."
  • "With Amber's caring guidance, I've been able to remove the damaging and harmful aspects of my diet, replacing them with good foods and habits."
  • "I love how I feel, eating this way. I have learned some fun new recipes and delicious things."

Get the support you need to:

  • understand your cravings
  • feel lighter in your body
  • increase energy levels
  • handle stress without food
  • lead a healthy life on the go
  • navigate the grocery store
  • celebrate guilt-free parties and holidays
  • find clothes that fit and look great
  • feed your finicky family food they adore