Amber Spears

“I was a self-proclaimed kitchen klutz for years. Preparing food from scratch was totally overwhelming to me and I did NOT like to cook. Amber has been my biggest inspiration when it comes to cooking. She helped me uncover my own innate ability (that a childhood full of processed foods buried) to feel at ease taking charge in the kitchen. She taught me to be more creative and comfortable experimenting with food combinations, herbs, and spices.

Amber’s enthusiasm for wholesome, nourishing, real food is contagious and her creativity seems endless.
This might sound cheezy, but she helped me develop skills that put me more in contact with the depths of my feminine strength. I am woman, I make bone broth! Most sincerely… thank you for everything, Amber.”

~ Jen T


“I am a single mom who is working and attending school. I tend to do a lot of research about everything, including nutrition, but found myself overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting information on the web. I went to Amber looking for some solid information about quick and nutritious ways to prepare meals in my home.

I asked her to realize my time is extremely limited and she did an excellent job of not overwhelming me with tasks I could not yet perform and giving me some easy-to-do pointers to improve overall food quality in my home. Amber has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of nutrition and her need to share this with others comes across as being rooted in her passion of realizing a healthier planet.”

~Michelle R


“I am really happy to say the results have been immediate and surprising! I have blood sugar issues and have struggled with it for many years. This is the first time that I have seen almost instantaneous results that have started to stabilize my blood sugar and as a result, most especially just in the last two weeks (while increasing my fat intake to 1/2-1 lb a day), I have seen a significant improvement in my mood and sleep!! I have had issues with sleep for many years. The last two weeks I have been sleeping like a log! or a baby, whichever comparison works for you… ;)

I love the fact that I can eat as much butter as I can stand! I LOVE butter. Welcome back, Butter!

I have also lost 5 lbs. Which seems strange, with all the fat increases? I was somewhat skeptical to start, but choosing to trust your advice has had excellent results.

…Your compassionately detached manner helps me a lot. You refuse to judge me. This has helped me make these changes as I feel ready and comfortable. You aren’t judging me, so why should I judge myself!?”

~Aura K


“Synchronicity brought me into the arms of Ms. Amber Spears just when I needed her most. Quite frankly, I’ve been the fat kid in class my whole life. I started eating Twinkies and McDonalds at age 5 and by 15; I weighed in at almost 375 pounds. My life has been a journey of process after process of trying to undo the damage of a chemically processed food product diet. Over the years I have managed to slowly get myself down to a reasonable weight, I try to be active, I work out sporadically, I walk about three miles a day at work and cook almost all of my meals. Something was missing…

I felt my diet and exercise plan was missing the proper nutrients for me to really feel alive and healthy. In our first consultation Amber told me the first thing she wanted me to do is eat more Butter and Bacon. What? Well ok, I can get behind that. The points she began to make were based in the “type” of butter and the “grade” of bacon I should eat and when. Amber carefully analyzed my habits, strengths and weaknesses around food and eating habits. And so began the gentle process of improving the who, what, when, where and how’s of to foods I ate. With Amber’s cautious and caring guidance I’ve been able to slowly remove the damaging and harmful aspects of my diet and replace them with good foods and habits that day by day take me a little closer to a happy and healthy life style. Even when I fall off the wagon into cheeseburger and pizza land, Amber is there to help remind me what is important to me and why. She even helped me stop drinking coffee, now that was just unheard of!”

~Lisa B


“I am honored to share my experience of working with Amber Spears. I have a rare blood disorder. It is kind of a cross between an auto-immune disease and a form of blood cancer. I manage it by going into the hospital and having treatments every month when my levels rise. I am under the care of an oncologist. I asked my oncologist if there was anything I could do with diet to help my condition and he assured me there was nothing to be done! I saw a naturopath and he had me remove gluten and dairy products. I began to feel better. I am now working with Amber. I love her approach. We are looking at ways of reducing inflammation and improving my self nurturing routines. She is so passionate about her work that it is contagious! I am excited to take better care of myself. I am keeping a food journal. I am learning simple and delicious things to add to my daily foods and she does not deny me anything that I want to eat!! I am incorporating gentle exercise and daily feeling more energy. She has helped my confidence and overall has helped me enjoy being me! I am an acupuncturist and I am recommending her to my patients because her advice is sound , medically, emotionally and spiritually and best of all it is delivered with a loving heart! That is an experience I want to share with the world. So far, I have not needed my bi-monthly blood treatment for 6 months. My doctor is astonished!”

~Cindy C