Amber Spears

What is Lush Lady Wellness?

We are the Matriarchs of a world in crisis. Lush Lady Wellness is my hearts vision for helping to heal women and in turn doing my small part to help heal our world. We are under contstant assault with messages about what is wrong with our bodies, faces, lives and general way of being. We are told that in order to matter we need to look a certain way, act a certain way and consume whatever products will make us desirable. As we raise families and age, the burden of meeting societal beauty standards seems to multiply exponentially as though an old wrinkly fat lady has no place in society. Lush Lady Wellness is about saying eff all that and embracing who we are with compassion and understanding. I present you with the idea that you can take care of yourself right now, without diet potions, body shaming or disordered eating. We will learn to love ourselves in ways that soothe the spirit and open the mind, creating an environment that is ripe for healing.

Email me today and learn to truly nourish yourself.